Negative ION Technology | Best Stress Relief Product for Home


The Story Behind Instashield

The World Health Organisation has said that it is updating a list of priority pathogens that could cause outbreaks or pandemics in the future. What does it imply – the threat to humans against viruses is continuous. Having said that, another overlooked threat to mankind and a rising one with our current lifestyle is that of depreciating mental health. While there are different kinds of mental illnesses that vary in degrees and severity the one thing common to all is the lack of awareness and the social stigma associated with acceptance of this condition. As basic as work stress, or something as big as depression all fall under the mental health bracket and today young or old all seem to be reeling with some form of it. The pandemic only adding the number of cases. With the recent pandemic, we all saw and understood how it does not take one virus outbreak to make the nation come to a standstill. It’s repercussions multi fold. This is when we decided to introduce a health and wellness device that would also work to disable viruses – InstaShield – The Negative Ion technology. Based purely out of science, and a proven backing from reputed organizations the entire working is based on the simple principle of NEGATIVE ION technology. We all know negative ions as molecules floating in the air or atmosphere that have been charged with electricity. From waterfalls to sun rays, negative ions can be found in almost everything. They are also present in our bodies.

The benefit of these negative ions for the human body includes
Better mood
Overall boost to mood
Improved cognitive performance
Regulated sleep cycles
Why Instashield?
Best stress relief product for home and office
Helps in controlling stress and anxiety
Reduces tension in the office, and even boosts productivity
Instant negative ion producer
Helps you relax, sleep better, or think more clearly