Instashield Virus Slayer | Negative ION Anti-Depressant Machine

What is Instashield?

Instashield is a CSIR-CCMB approved Negative Ion Generator.

The world's 1st proven technology, Instashield produces thousands of negative ions in an enclosed space that helps improve mood, reduce signs of depression and improve cognitive performance while also disabling all kinds of viruses and bacteria with up to 99.9% efficiency in the air and on surfaces.

Instashield is a CSIR-CCMB approvered

Why we need Instashield ?

Mental health conditions are increasing worldwide. Depression is the most common mental disorder in India with 45.7 million people suffering from it and this number continues to rise.
A deterioration in mental health among the average Indian has been a matter of concern for long now. Work pressure, Lifestyle, Illnesses, Job loss and Stress all lead to poor mental health and create conditions like depression, anxiety, irritability and deteriorating physical health.
Which is why a device like Instashield can help become a companion that works on your overall mood while also safeguarding you from 99.9% viruses like SARS and CoV2.
Another major need is the fact that post COVID a lot of people have been facing brain fog and other heart ailments. A device like Instashield with its negative ion technology can help improve cognitive performance.

Power Rating :
Below 5 Watts
Body Shell :
ABS Material

Benefits of Instashield

Apart from protecting you from virus/bacteria, including SARS-CoV2

1. Reducing symptoms of depression
3. Boosting the immune system
2. Regulating sleep patterns and mood
4. Improving cognitive performance
Instashield Negative ION Producers
100% Safe - No Harmful Side Effect
100% Safe - No Harmful Side Effect
Plug & Play - Easy & Instant Installation
Plug & Play - Easy & Instant Installation
Instant – Activated within 18 minutes
Instant – Activated within 18 minutes
Energy Saver  – Below 5 Watts Power Consumption
Energy Saver – Below 5 Watts Power Consumption
Effectiveness – 99.9% efficacy against all viruses
Effectiveness – 99.9% efficacy against all viruses
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The Force behind Instashield


Promoter and Director

Over 20 years of experience in Private Equity Placement,
Hitesh has been involved in raising more than USD 50
Million by way of Private Equity Placement, IPO, Merger etc.
He provides key strategic inputs on strengthening the
business model of portfolio companies.

Our Buyers Reviews

What our Client Said about Instashield

Rated 4.9 of 5

5-Star Rated Product

A Electron based, plug & play device that has the power to kill invisible viruses to keep your immediate environment safe and infection free

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Great innovation. A product i would like to give to my parents. is a modern-day plug & play antivirus device that works wonders Pleased with the product, anti noise and majorly removes anti bacteria.

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I was suffering from COVID-19 . When I experienced difficulty in breathing as well as air pollution levels . Hence, bought it directly from the company itself. Their delivery speed was awesome...

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Bought it a few weeks back and it has been amazing. It managed to heat my living room and made it possible to sit there in the evening It's a very good product and worth having it.